About Us

Founded in 2013, ICS² is the first cyber security company focusing on protecting the control system of power, oil, gas, and petrochemicals plants. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, ICS² was launched by a veteran team of control system experts with broad experience working with Big Data and large scale communication applications.
Our team combines mathematicians, computer scientists, power plant system designers and process control experts. Our unique mix of basic science and process knowledge is a key advantage in creating a unique protection system for industrial control processes.
The core ICS² team emerged from BrightSource Energy’s software and industrial process departments. These professionals have evolved between the IT world and the OT world of embedded systems, complex wireless solutions, and with various industrial control systems (DCS, PLC, HMI, MES, SCADA). Simultaneously, they pioneered breakthroughs in complex computer science algorithms including computer vision, online and offline optimization algorithms, machine learning and complex Big Data handling.