The technical core behind our products is a machine-learning system especially designed to learn industrial processes. What defines industrial process is the interplay between the physical process on what side, with its multitude of sensors measuring material flow, pressure, temperature, and the control process of physical valves and pumps, and the control software system that feedbacks from the measured sensors to actions on the control units. Our system learns the holistic behavior of this interplay between sensor and control parameters, in a way that is impossible for an intruder to fake.

ICS² On-Guard

The ICS² On-Guard system learns the plant behavior using sensor and operation data from several months of normal operation. This data can be supplied offline as a file, or gathered during system installation by ICS² On-Guard. Using this “training set”, the On-Guard system creates the signatures of the process described above.
After ICS² On-Guard is deployed in the plant and has built the signature system, On-Guard continuously tracks plant operation, reading all the available sensor and operation data, and comparing this data to the known signatures. During system operation, ICS² On-Guard continues dynamically learning the plant, and adapts itself to its changing operation strategy.
When On-Guard discovers anomalous detection, it logs a description of the anomaly. If the anomaly severity is high, On-Guard immediately raises an alarm to an operator. ICS² On-Guard learns normal plant behavior and alerts when deviations are detected. Therefore it can also be augmented to detect malfunctions of the plant, as well as long-term changes caused by deterioration of plant elements.

ICS² Analyzer

ICS² Analyzer is an offline product that detects cyber interventions through process abnormalities — without any advance knowledge of the operation process. It analyzes time-series data for the sensors of the customer plant and handles large amounts of data. It provides alerts when suspicious activity is detected within the time interval for which the data was provided. Furthermore, ICS² Analyzer features localization of events based on their P&ID.

ICS² Active Guard

ICS² Active Guard is a unique protection system that checks your system integrity by creating a feedback loop between the ICS² system and plant operation. This feedback completely prevents potential intruders from hiding their control of the plant, even if they have attained full control of the plant with all its sub-systems and sensors.

ICS² Protector

The ICS² Protector follows the interactions of human operators with the system, and learns the normal operator procedures. When deviations from normal operator behavior occur, ICS² protects alarms. ICS² Protector also detects behavior patterns unique to individual operators.