ICS2 On-Guard

ICS2 On-Guard

The ICS2 On-Guard system learns the plant behavior using sensor and operation data from several months of normal operation. This data can be supplied offline as a file, or gathered during system installation by ICS2 On-Guard. Using this “training set”, the On-Guard system creates the signatures of the process described above.

After ICS2 On-Guard is deployed in the plant and has built the signature system, On-Guard continuously tracks plant operation, reading all the available sensor and operation data, and comparing this data to the known signatures. During system operation, ICS2 On-Guard continues dynamically learning the plant, and adapts itself to the changing operation strategy of the plant.

When On-Guard discovers anomalous detection, it logs a description of the anomaly. If the anomaly severity is high, On-Guard immediately raises an alarm to an operator. ICS2On-Guard learns normal plant behavior and alarms when it detects deviations. It can therefore also be augmented to detect malfunctions of the plant, or long-term changes caused by deterioration of elements of the plant.